Thank You, Everyone!

Amber sat in the passenger’s seat of my pickup as we passed the “Welcome to Washington” sign as you leave Moscow, ID’s city limits on your way west toward Pullman, WA last Saturday morning. We were listening to NPR and discussing our move from Pullman to Moscow, on our way to our old one-bedroom apartment in Pullman to pick up Amber’s car.

With the help of my Dad, brother-in-law Keith, my Uncle Jim and my cousin Wyatt, we had moved Amber’s monstrous hide-a-bed sofa into our new (old) house in Moscow. Amber’s parents Jeremy and Rayna, and her little brother Aiden, had helped Amber clear out what was left in her storage unit. My Grandpa Ray and Grandma Ann also stopped by the house to do some planning on some things they plan to help us with for the house and backyard. Finally, my Mom, my Aunt Mariah and my cousin Anna were back at the old apartment hitting all the items on the move-out cleaning checklist.

Mom, Dad, Keith, and Keith and my sister Lacey’s (who would have been there too had she not had to work over the weekend) adorable daughter Charley had made the two-hour drive from Eltopia, WA to help with the move. Jeremy, Rayna and Aiden had made the four-plus hour drive from Missoula, MT to help us out. Uncle Jim, Aunt Mariah, Wyatt and Anna had made the 45-minute drive in from Harvard, ID to help. And finally, Grandpa Ray and Grandma Ann drove in from just a few minutes north of Moscow.

As Amber and I drove back over to Pullman to get her car and wrap things up at the apartment, a feeling that had been in the back of my head since all these folks had committed to helping us suddenly became overwhelming, and I had to get it out there:

“We are so fortunate to have so much of our family that’s willing to go so far out of their way, and give up their weekends, to help us move 8 miles.”

Amber agreed wholeheartedly.


Many people are not so fortunate to have family members that are willing to drop everything and spend their weekend doing the not-so-fun task of helping someone move. But that’s exactly what all these people did.

As I’ve written about before, I suffer from the same affliction the majority of people do on this earth, of feeling like I don’t always get a fair shake, and that I’m not where I want to be in life. But moments like these, where I can sit back and really put things into perspective, make me realize how fortunate I am. I have a good job, I live in a beautiful area where I feel safe walking down the street, I have an incredible woman who I don’t think I deserve but she loves me anyways, and I have family that’s willing to dedicate a weekend to helping me make a relatively short, mild and easy move by most standards.

With that being said, thank you Mom, Dad, Keith, Jeremy, Rayna, Aiden, Uncle Jim, Aunt Mariah, Wyatt, Anna, Grandpa and Grandma, and everyone else who helped in our move in some way or another. We love you all!


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