Hello, Rain!

When I woke up this morning the smell of rain quickly overcame my senses. It was almost intoxicating.

Fall is here.


As those foreign-feeling raindrops fell from the sky this morning on the desiccated Inland Northwest, I can only imagine the Palouse’s rolling hills and the forests of the nearby Rocky Mountains letting loose a collective sigh, and soaking up as much of the morning’s moisture as they could.

The Inland Northwest (for those who don’t know, the INW is a sub-section of the greater Pacific Northwest, and stretches from the eastern slopes of Washington’s portion of the Cascade Mountains, across the rolling hills of the Palouse, into the western Rockies in the northern panhandle of Idaho, ending somewhere around the foothills of the eastern Rockies of western Montana), and the west as a whole, has been yearning for Mother Nature to serve up some type of moisture, and over the past few days it has finally been rewarded for its patience. And let’s hope it is able to extinguish any remaining wildfires that have ravaged Idaho and Montana’s Rockies this summer.


While rain isn’t always welcomed – I’m sure this winter we will grow sick of the barrage of snow and rain we’re expected to receive again in eastern Washington and northern Idaho – it is certainly welcome now. While we’ve had a handful of isolated showers here and there we haven’t had substantial rainfall in the INW since June. Looking at the Doppler radar map this morning, the Palouse and large swaths of the core of Idaho’s panhandle, as well as western Montana, are getting rain, and higher elevations in Montana have even gotten snow.

It’s strange to think that just a couple weeks ago we were locked down in a record-setting heat wave, and now in the blink of an eye snow is already re-capping our taller mountains.

Nonetheless, I’m personally ready for fall after a long and dry summer, and I look forward to more rain in the forecast. Let’s try to keep any lasting snow off the Palouse until November though, if possible.


My only complaint is that after three long, dry months, Mother Nature decided to gift us with rain on the first day of #PalouseBikeWeek, a bike appreciation week I’ve helped organize with the Pullman Chamber of Commerce for the Pullman and Moscow communities. But oh well, I’ll get out there on my bike this week anyways.

I didn’t have any specific direction for this post, but I wanted to write something in appreciation of the precipitation we’re experiencing, and I hope all of you have a wonderful and wet week in the Northwest. With that, I’ll leave off with a fun poem written by Kevin Shaw to commemorate the event:

Drizzly Grizzly

A snarling, fierce, 50 stone Grizzly,

Stands eight feet tall I should bet.

But today, he’s sobbing like a baby,

It’s raining; and his hair’s getting wet.


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