Mold Around the Floorboards

Hey everyone! As I talked about in my last post regarding my hiatus from regular blogging (which will continue for now), I’ve been working on my fictional writing. Well, it just so happens that I got published in a small student-run journal here at WSU called the Bubbles Literature Review. So I wanted to share that with all of you, and here is the free link to the story posted on their website.

Thanks, and please like, share, and leave your thoughts!

Here’s a small excerpt from the story:

“Bending his knees, like the coiling of a spring, he launched off into the open air, hearing the cries of everyone he loved. The wind rushed through his hair and kissed his scalp, his legs churned, his arms reached toward the sun, and his eyes were locked forward as the water closed in on his vision—”

One thought on “Mold Around the Floorboards

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