Establishing Direction

Hi everyone!

I’ve officially wrapped up my Creative Writing course for this semester (one of the key reasons I took my short hiatus from blogging) and am ready to start blogging again. In the process of finishing the course, I got a short story published in a small on-campus journal, and I’m in the process of trying to get another story, as well as some photos, published in a larger fine arts journal here at WSU, so I’d say it was a pretty productive hiatus.

I also wanted to take this time to try and establish some direction to my blog. People often ask me “What is your blog about?” It’s a fair question, considering most blogs (particularly successful ones) have some type of direction or slightly more singular purpose. Some blogs are about fitness, some are about cooking, some are about home improvement – the list goes on.

Up until this point though, I haven’t been able to answer that question. I usually dance around the question for a while before finally admitting, “I don’t really know what it’s about…but I like to write!” While there’s nothing necessarily wrong with this, it does make it difficult to A) talk about, and B) for the reader to decide whether they’re going to be interested in following the blog (which, for a blogger, consistently growing one’s mailing list is the lifeblood of a successful blog with a wide reach).

So, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking and asking myself a few questions:

  • Where do I want to focus my blog writing?
  • How do I want my writing to contribute to people’s lives?
  • What do I get excited about in terms of subject matter?

In the process of answering these questions, or at least attempting to, I’ve updated my About page, and narrowed my focus down to three key areas. Those areas being Nature, Creative Writing, and Self-Improvement.



Amber and I are both avid hikers, and we share a great love for nature. I believe there is a deep connection between humans and nature, given that everything, including ourselves, comes from the same star stuff.

There is an indescribable feeling I get on a long hike, a cooling serenity that I wish I could catch in a mason jar and carry around with me everywhere I go. As I continue chasing that feeling along ridge-tops and riverbeds, I want to share those adventures with my readers as well.

Creative Writing

Writing is something I feel very passionately about, and one day, I hope to make a living at it. In respect to this blog, I will sometimes post short stories, poems, or essays with advice or thoughts for others interested in creative writing.

There is nothing I do outside of writing that I find a greater feeling of purpose in, and I want to use my talents as a writer to chase that feeling of purpose, and hopefully make a positive impact in people’s lives. Or at least, make my voice heard, and hopefully start conversations with others that I can learn from and collaborate with, to continue developing as a writer and a human being.


Finally, I want to help others by telling my stories of achievement, as well as failure, and I want to be as honest as I can be in discussing my own shortcomings and things I need to work on in my life (there is quite the list…). Obviously, as a twenty-something millennial I have plenty to learn, and in my writing on self-improvement I hope to learn from others just as much as others may glean from me.


With that, I urge you to please take a look at my new and much-improved About page, where I talk a little about myself, as well as the direction I’m planning to establish for my blog. 2018 is right around the corner, and with (almost) one year of this blog in the books, I very much look forward to how I can improve as a blogger, writer, and person over this next year.

Check out my About page here!

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