Waylon David Allen

Last weekend Amber and I made a very special trip down to the Tri-Cities and got to meet our newborn nephew, Waylon David Allen. My sister Lacey and brother-in-law Keith are incredibly excited to have their second child, not to mention having a boy to go along with his energy-packed three year old sister, Charley Ann Allen.

20180324_130234.jpgI’ve been an uncle for a few years now with Charley, who I love dearly. I don’t get to see her, or the rest of my family, as often as I’d like, and it’s one of the few regrets I have about moving from the Tri-Cities. However, we’re luckily not too far away, and with the advent of social media I’ve been able to watch her grow up over the last few years, mostly through Snapchat (and her surprising capabilities with the app).

It’s so exciting to have a baby nephew now as well, and Lacey and Keith got lucky that they were able to get one boy and one girl right out of the gate, and I’m extremely happy for them.

I’m also incredibly proud of my sister for getting through another child birth, this one luckily much smoother than Charley was. Due to complications during her birth, which I won’t even attempt to explain, Lacey nearly lost her life. During that first birth she remembers things pretty clearly, right up until just after Charley was born. Once she knew Charley was safe, she says a sudden rush of calm came over her, and she remembers simply thinking, I’ve done my job, it’s okay to die now, and passing out.20180324_125133.jpg

Thankfully, the doctors were able to get things under control, and she made it through, although the road to recovery was filled with lots of pain and months of getting her strength back. I can’t even imagine what this feeling must have been like, and her selflessness for her daughter is truly amazing.

This time around the doctors pre-scheduled a C-section, and Lacey and Keith said the procedure went about as perfect as it could have gone. Other than a couple hiccups, including needing to get Waylon’s blood pressure at an appropriate level, things went incredibly well.

Lacey – who was an animal science major graduate at WSU and isn’t squeamish at all – was conscious during the whole procedure and watched it happen in the reflection of the lights above her. She also had Keith film it, as he also watched. They offered to let me watch the video, but I declined as I didn’t feel like 20180324_181851.jpgthrowing up on the same day I met my nephew (clearly, I don’t do so well when it comes to this type of stuff, I feel a little queasy just writing this right now…).

When Waylon came out, Keith expressed a similar feeling of calm as I described Lacey having earlier with Charley’s birth (obviously in a very different way), and said he suddenly felt like everything was going to be just fine, and like he knew exactly what he needed to do. His natural instincts took over, and a calm confidence washed over him, sending all the nervous butterflies fluttering away.

Lacey had Waylon last Wednesday, and we weren’t able to get over to see him until a couple days later. With Charley, I wasn’t able to hold her until quite a while after the birth, given all the complications that took place. This time though, I was able to hold Waylon20180324_181938.jpg shortly after we arrived, which I feel very fortunate about. And, of course, I got to be part of Charley’s unhinged excitement for her new baby brother, who she is already deeply in love with. She will make a wonderful big sister, and I am so happy to get to watch the two of them grow up together, and be a part of their lives.

Lastly, I’m so proud of both Lacey and Keith for making it through another child birth, and for being great, loving parents to their children. I love both of you and can’t wait to watch Charley and Waylon grow up together.

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