OneTigris Blog Post: Hoppy Campers in the Gem State

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

Today I’ve got an exciting piece to share with all of you, as I recently wrote a product review for a dog hiking pack Amber purchased for me from a UK-based tactical gear company called OneTigris.

It’s a fun piece, written in a narrative, inbound marketing style, and I think you’ll all enjoy it. Read it here at the OneTigris website.

Excerpt from the piece:

“It was just my trusty one-year-old Blue-Heeler and Australian Shepherd mix, Maizy, and myself, as we made our way up the winding trail of Moscow Mountain’s West-Twin peak. Our goal was to reach the top, but with an unmarked and unclear trail system on much of the mountain, we weren’t sure if we would find it.

Since the trail system is not managed by any type of park or Forest Service, it was not designed particularly well. In certain areas the original trail-breakers chose to skip switchbacks altogether and just go straight up.

Less mileage, sure, but the steep grade begins to wear on a person after a couple hours, particularly when you’re hauling a backpack with enough water and supplies not only for yourself, but your little dog too.”


One thought on “OneTigris Blog Post: Hoppy Campers in the Gem State

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