Yes, your Small Business should have a Business Blog; Here’s why

As a local freelance writer I’ve pitched the idea of helping many companies in Washington, Idaho, and Montana to begin a blog. By in large, when I speak with many of these business owners, they like the idea of having a blog, but almost always decide not to make the investment for a few common reasons:

  • I don’t think people will actually be interested in reading a blog from our company.
  • I don’t understand how a blog will help us increase sales.
  • I don’t think a blog makes sense for the industry we are in since we’re not a tech or digital-based company.
  • Ultimately, it sounds like a cool idea that might work, but isn’t something we’re ready to invest in at this point.

All of the reasons listed above are valid surface impressions, however, I wanted to write this blog post to dispel some of the myths expressed above, and show that:

  • If you find your target audience and deliver high quality content, the people you want reading your blog will read your blog.
  • A blog that’s accompanied with a solid SEP strategy that delivers high quality content will help increase prospective customers, and in turn, sales.
  • A blog that delivers well-crafted, helpful, and educational content makes sense in almost any industry, regardless of whether you are in the tech or digital industries.

With that, let’s jump into the four reasons your company needs a blog:

Increases your online awareness through supporting your SEO efforts.

In the year 2019, regardless of what type of product or service a company or organization delivers, the majority of consumers do some research before choosing the company they want to do business with, and the information is right at the consumer’s fingertips, literally.

With the rise of smartphones over the past decade-plus, information is readily available in a way it never has been before, and most people head to Google or another major search engine to find a reputable mechanic, where they can get a quality crop fertilizer at the best prices, or to find a good plumber.

Regardless of what the consumer is looking for, the internet is often the first place people go to find this information. Because of this, if you want to stay ahead of the competition, you have to have a strong online presence.

This begins with developing a quality website where you’ll employ Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts to increase your online awareness. A consistent blog is a great way to support your SEO efforts by consistently putting out high quality content using strategically placed keywords, specific to your local industry, within your blog posts.

Establishes your company as the local/regional thought leader in your industry.

If you haven’t yet noticed me incessantly repeating this common theme of delivering quality content, I’m going to keep banging this particular drum: It is supremely important not only to put out some type of content, but to put out thoughtful, helpful, well-written, high quality content.

Frankly, if the content you put out is poorly written or not very interesting, people aren’t going to read it.

By combining the skills of a skilled, high quality content writer, with the smarts from the experts in your given industry (you and your company), you can create a blog that isn’t just pumping out content to have content out there, but putting out content that is actually useful to your potential consumer.

When companies blog, they are rarely making a direct sales pitch for a specific product or giving some type of product review. Companies blog to educate their consumers, and establish themselves as the experts and thought leaders of their industry.

For example, if an agronomy company that works with regional farmers, supplying them with seed, crop inputs, equipment, and more, begins a blog, they’re not going to just say something like “here’s this product we offer, it’s great, you should buy it”.

What they do is listen to their customers, identify what problems their products could solve for their customers, and speak directly to that. Create a narrative, establish the problem, talk about how others try to solve that problem, and explain how your company can solve that problem in a different way, and how that way of doing things is better.

By speaking to your customers intelligently, clearly, and thoughtfully, you create a personal connection to your company, and when your customers have a problem, your company is the first company that comes to mind.

Because they are essentially an employee that works 24/7, at a fraction of the cost.

A blog post is essentially an employee that works 24/7 at a fraction of the cost of a living, breathing employee. Regardless of the time or day, your website and the accompanying wealth of information in your blog are available all day, every day, and there is no cost to keep it running outside of the initial cost of getting the blog posts published.

Because they deliver!

Lastly, every company should have a well-managed blog for this simple reason: They deliver results.

Here are some quick facts from Business 2 Community:

  • Companies who blog on average generate 126% more lead growth than those who do not.
  • 70% of customers say blogs influence what they buy, and where they spend their money.
  • 78% of customers believe businesses that provide custom content are interested in building good relationships.
  • 95% of businesses who blog report higher search engine rankings.
  • Blogs are 63% more likely to influence purchase decisions than traditional outbound marketing methods, such as magazine and newspaper advertisements.

Call to Action!

While the list of reasons goes on, these are a handful of great reasons your company should start blogging and working to deliver useful, high quality content, soon.

If you’re interested in learning more about how your company could benefit from a blog, please feel free to contact me at

While what I offer is writing services, I am also familiar with companies in the industry that provide website building and larger marketing services, and would be happy to connect you with the right people if that’s something you’re looking for outside of just blog writing.

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