This page features my ongoing Dreaming series. The series has no end in sight, and will likely continue in perpetuity until either the death of this blog, or myself. The Dreaming series features a large body of my nature and travel writing (although there’s plenty more in my general posts), where I will write about places I’ve been, particularly outside the concrete jungles of civilization, and how those places have struck me. I hope you enjoy Dreaming as much as I do.

Dreaming of Missoula Magic

“It was on our descent that I had the realization that I mentioned at the beginning of the article: Missoula is that place that has that something for me, that inexplicable magic.”


Dreaming of Spring on the Palouse

“Soft white flakes dance in the air like thousands of tiny Tinkerbell’s, swirling up, down, and side-to-side with any breeze or movement.”


Dreaming: A Q&A with the Northwest Nomads

“While there are dreamers and explorers all over the world, it’s my opinion that there are some places on earth that can crawl deep into a person’s heart, and inspire an insatiable desire to explore, discover, and be nomadic.”


Dreaming of Montana

“All the while – and now as I write this – I dreamt of being on one of those mountainsides, doing absolutely nothing other than being in the moment, and breathing along with the trees.”


Dreaming of Hawai’i

“One of the first things we noticed after arriving on the big island of Hawaii, other than the fifty-ish degree temperature difference compared to home, was the stars.”


Dreaming of Idaho

“The top cover of the tent slapped heavily against the tent’s main wall. The wind continued to pick up and whistled through the trees outside, and rain steadily pitter-pattered against the tent’s canvas top.”


Dreaming of Wawawai

“Nonetheless, for some reason, the concept of fire and subsequent death bringing about new life with the turn of two seasons has set my mind ablaze (see what I did there?).”