Short Stories

What Winter Took Away

“The outer walls of the barn were a faded and chipped pink; the original coat of vibrant red paint had long since decayed.  The white trim hardly held as well, the sunbaked boards naked and exposed…”


Trying not to Fall

“I try to imagine my life as an 80 year old man, if I’m to survive that long. I try to imagine what that will look like, where I will be, and what I have accomplished.

I try to see the unknown…”


Footsteps Crept

“The tent flap opened slowly, oh so slowly.  Slower than the trickle of honey.  Slower than the hare that raced the bunny…”


Off The Trail

“The hammering of a woodpecker high in a cedar cracked the silence again.  We kept moving…”


Rudy’s Nightmares

“A summer breeze from the open screen door gently danced through the living room, and that, combined with the entertainment-center’s cool glass surface he was stretched out across, helped to sooth Rudy’s aching soul…”


Hubris and Humility 

“Standing with my plastic golf club in hand and Velcro sandals strapped to my feet I thought to myself: I am one bad man…”